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The exciting news for 2021 is that there WILL be Regional and National Competitions in Dressage, Show Jumping and Countryside Challenge.  Claire ,Moira and myself have worked hard to prepare, schedules, find judges, sort rosettes etc.. This year it will all be in the form of virtual (on line) competitions - in other words it all takes place within your familiar group surroundings.  You will need someone to help with the videos - maybe a couple of parents could be co-opted for this job?  If any groups are struggling with technical issues the region will be able to support you

Instructions and schedules will be available by the end of March and entries and videos must all be completed by 20th June.  Please make every effort to support your Group and Region and put forward riders for the classes.

Many of the rules and classes will be exactly the same as face-to-face competitions from previous years.  There are changes to the Countryside Challenge course already available to see on the RDA website – this is to make the course more covid friendly.

Have a look on www.myrda.org.uk  and you will find plenty of information already available there.




We are here to help you!

The schedules for Show Jumping, Dressage and Countryside Challenge can be found below.


Show Jumping Dressage Countryside Challenge
Countryside Challenge Tips


All entries to be made on Horse Monkey