Yorkshire and Cleveland

Region RDA

Countryside Challenge Tips 2021


If you intend to make or are considering making any entries to the RDA CC Virtual Regional Comp – please read the following useful info;


  • There is no specific size for the course – it could be a little smaller or bigger than 20m x 40m
  • No extra marks are given for what the course looks like – it could be just made up of cones and poles
  • The gate could be jump uprights and have a lunge line fastened across – no riders need to open the gate
  • Please check the Virtual CC Instructions 2021 which is attached.  Obstacle 2 Double Arch Uprights  - if you have already run these notes off the website they have been changed today -  the riders walk centrally through between both arch uprights (not under arch)
  • The person videoing plays an important role as the judge needs to see the horse and rider all the time and what influence the rider has on the horse – where is the best place to be for each task on the course?  You will only decide where the video person is to be by having test runs – maybe with an able-bodied person on board.  The video person will need to move around as the rider continues along the course and they will need to learn the course
  • The judge will be checking on leaders too
  • Once the videos are completed there is lots of very useful info on the website about  creating a youtube account and entering the comp via horse monkey  – any difficulties please ask.  You need to look at all the info and become familiar with everything before uploading videos
  • Finally please watch the Countryside Challenge Video below – it is extremely useful.  From the MyRDA YouTube