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The Yorkshire Post Equestrian Section printed an article about the RDA and how the Coronavirus is affecting groups in the Region. This was after interviewing Ed Bracher and our Regional Chair, John Chuter.

Below is a copy of the article for you to read. 

In March the Region held a Countryside Challenge training day with Sue Mack at the Unicorn Centre. It was a very good day and well received by the 35 attendees all from groups in various regions near by. The day ran well and the Unicorn Centre put up a good course, along with providing lots of help, horses and riders, not forgetting an endless supply of tea and coffee. A big thank you to them.

Below are a few photos taken on the day.

In October the Region held a Celebration Lunch at the Marriott Hotel in York. After a very tasty "Sunday" Lunch there was time to share some of the many successes we have had in the Region. As well as Sue Robson and Emily Waggott, we heard about Kathryn Wheelock and her Arctic Challenge, Nichole Calvert from the Unicorn Centre, who was named Regional Volunteer of the Year, Bedale Group who received the Queens Award for Voluntary Services and Isabelle Dray from the Riverside Group who received her Silver YELA Award.

Our After Lunch Speaker was from KL Pony Therapy who brought along three miniature horses with her. The horses wandered around the dining room and were petted and fussed over by everyone they met. Have a look at the photos of our Celebration Lunch.



Sue Robson

who received her 50 years of Volunteering Certificate at the Celebration Lunch in October








Emily Waggott

who was this years recipient of the Maggie Tansley Award. She rides at the York and District RDA Group.