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Sharon Maiden

Safeguarding Training Lead

 Sharon Maiden has just been appointed Safeguarding Training Lead for the region.  She recently retired as a highly successful and well respected primary headteacher.  During her time as an educational professional Sharon had experience across all key stages and in her role as Safeguarding Lead she delivered training in a variety of educational settings for all staff, parents/carers and governors.  In addition she has been a Special Educational Needs Coordinator and a Health & Safety Coordinator.  Currently Sharon has responsibility for both these roles as a Trustee at Ackworth Group RDA.

 Sharon is clear that Safeguarding is far more than the protection of vulnerable children and adults, but also extends to the provision of safe, secure and welcoming environments for all who participate or come into contact with RDA activities.  Sharon is therefore more than qualified for this important role and I commend her to you. 

 Sharon will be available for advice on all Safeguarding matters and will also be running Safeguarding Workshops within the Region as demand dictates. 

Sharon can be contacted on: 07708690826 or 01977 619706

or e-mail:  shazmaiden@gmail.com  Please pass this on to your safeguarding officers.

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